Vern Glenn KPIX Age 2024: Wife, Wiki, Networth, and Full Bio

Who is Vern Glenn?

Vernon Glenn, aka Vern Glenn, is a sportscasting icon who appeals to every sports fan and non-sports fan alike. Known for his in-depth coverage of major sporting styles along with his willingness to put himself out there, Glenn has managed to carve a special place for himself in the world of sports broadcast journalism.

Vern Glenn

A staple in the world of sports reporting, Vern Glenn is currently associated with KPIX and attracts audiences with his charismatic and insightful reporting. He is a celebrated American journalist who has earned numerous honors for his impact of over 38 years in the local television sports of the Bay Area.

Quick Biography

Full Name: Vernon Glenn
Vern Glenn
14th January 62
Richmond, Virginia, United States
Sports Anchor/Reporter
Sr. Vern Glenn (Father), Barbara Morris (Mother)
Nicole Glenn
Three Sons: Zack Glenn, Jake Glenn, and Nicky Glenn

Early Life

Vern Glenn was born in Richmond, Virginia and he celebrates his birthday on the 14th of January every year. Glenn was always into sports and his passion was fueled by his peers sharing the same interest along with his father and uncle.

According to his 9-question segment with Marin Magazine, he used to write, talk, and debate, all about sports in the eighth and ninth grades. By the time he was in the 10th grade, the sportscasting bug had hit him. So it’s safe to say that he manifested all his success ever since his schooling days.

Vern Glenn earned his rhetoric and communications degree from the University of Virginia at the age of 21 which further paved the path for his outstanding career in the news industry.


Vern started his professional journey by working a full-time job at Reynolds Aluminium where his father worked. However, he kept taking up part-time gigs in the sports television industry as he didn’t want to let go of his passion.

Glenn took up many jobs in his long career including the position of weekend sports anchor for WBAL- TV for over 2 years. He then proceeded to work as a radio host and a radio co-host for Knew Radio and KNBR 680/1050 respectively.

Vern Glenn CBS

Vern Glenn landed a stable job as a weekend sports anchor/reporter for KRON-TV for 22 long years. During his stint at KRON, he also worked as a weekday reporter for specific locations.

In June 2012, Glenn started working at KPIX as a weekend and weekday reporter for the San Francisco Bay Area. Due to his impeccable dedication, he was appointed the sports director for KPIX TV in April 2023 and is the current sports director as well.

Vern Glenn KPIX

His dedication to his job and his charismatic personality have earned him a lot of recognition in the field. Vern Glenn has received 5 Emmys for the best sportscaster (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022). Along with this, he has also been inducted into the NATAS Silver Circle Hall of Fame for serving in the same industry for over two decades.

Having gained all the recognition that he has despite being a face that appears only on weekends, Vern has crafted a different niche altogether for himself in the sports industry by gaining the complete interest of the viewers.

Personal Information

Vern Glenn stands at a height of approximately 5 ft 3 inches and weighs approximately 70 kg. Born on 14th January, Glenn is a Capricorn and his age is 62. He was born in Richmond, Virginia and his nationality is American with black colored eyes.

The CBS star anchor is very active on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and X (previously Twitter), and even has a YouTube channel where he constantly uploads blogs with his family and news videos. Apart from being a dedicated journalist, Glenn also sports a very outgoing personality with a knack for thrill.


Vernon Glenn has lovely parents with Sr. Vern Glenn being his father and Barbara Morris being his mother. He has been happily married to his wife Nicole Glenn since 1997 and they have three lovely sons- Zack, Jake, and Nicky. They all reside in Marin, California.


Vern Glenn WifeVern Glenn With Wife Nicole Glenn

His son Zack is a talented swimmer and his son Nicky is the youngest of them all. Vern Glenn is highly dedicated to his family and tries to keep his sons close to the love for sports that he has. He was also featured in the list of top 10 local dads compiled by both Marin magazine and Better magazine.

Vern Glenn FamilyVern Glenn with Family
Image Source: Better Magazine

Net Worth

Given the decent position he holds in the KPIX TV along with being the sports director of the channel, the estimated annual salary of Vern Glenn is expected to be over $80,000. Glenn has dedicated a lot of time in his career to the sportscasting industry along with other good jobs. Therefore, Vern Glenn’s net worth is estimated to be anywhere between 1 Million USD to 5 Million USD.


  • During his 22-year-long stint at KRON TV, Glenn earned the nickname of ‘Mr. Involvement’ for making appearances in all of his feature stories.
  • Along with reporting the sports events, Vern tends to indulge in them wholeheartedly too. His adventures are quite famous in the industry. The fun-loving man that he is, he has done bungee jumping from a bridge, bull riding, sky diving, boxing, pro football, and a dirt bike crash!
  • Glenn also participated in a 49ers blitz-pickup drill which turned out to be an iconic moment. He was completely blasted by the former 49ers linebacker Jeff Ulbrich!
  • In a more funny encounter, Vern was offered to be shot out as a human cannonball by the Ringling Bros circus. However, his bosses drew the line there and did not allow it.
  • Although he prefers to not disclose the name, according to his interview with The Athletic, he was asked to pick a different career option by the biggest local news anchor in Richmond whom he approached during his early days.
  • He once stopped Greg Gumbel for an impromptu journalism class in the bathroom of the Chicago airport!
  • Vern Glenn is also an Eagle Scout.
  • Glenn enjoys playing golf too!

Vern Glenn Playing GolfVern Glenn playing Golf


How old is Vern Glenn?

Vern Glenn is 62 years old as of 2024 and celebrates his birthday on 14th January every year.

Who is Vern Glenn married to?

Vern Glenn has been happily married to his wife Nicole Glenn since 1997 and has 3 sons with her. All of them live in Marin, California.


Image Credit: @vernglenn Instagram


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