Too Turnt Tony Wiki 2024: Age, Height, Real Name, Net Worth, Family, Girlfriend, and Full Bio

Who is Too Turnt Tony?

Too Turnt Tony is an American model and a social media influencer. He makes videos on YouTube and he is famous as ‘Duck Daddy’ for his constant videos featuring his duck. He is also a wildlife conservation advocate and makes lots of fun videos featuring his family. They are collectively known as the ‘Too Turnt Family’ amongst his followers.

Too Turnt Tony

Quick Biography

Real Name: Anthony Dawson
Too Turnt Tony / Duck Daddy
Date of Birth:
1st Feb, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Commerce Township, Michigan, United States
YouTuber, Model, Social Media Influencer, Wildlife Conservation Advocate
Ethnicity: White
Parents: Gordon Dawson (Father), Lisa Bummarito Dawson (Mother)
Siblings: Dominic Dawson (Brother), Maria Dawson (Father)
Place of Residence: Florida, USA

Early Life

Anthony Dawson was born in Commerce Township in Michigan to Gordon and Lisa Dawson on 1st February 1995. He was one of the three siblings and he grew up in Michigan itself. Although much information about his early education is not available, it is believed that he had an interest in filmmaking from the young age of 4. He completed his education at Western Michigan University. He also obtained a degree in filmmaking and videos.

Too Turnt Tony FamilyWith his family


With a high interest in filmmaking, Tony started bodybuilding post completing high school and he was also recruited as a model. He also worked in a film production company in New York. However, this position of his was affected due to the 2019 lockdown.

Then he started his career as a duck rancher and while doing his job, he started making funny roleplaying and lip-syncing videos alongside the ducks which he did in his efforts to raise awareness about wetland conservation as an advocate.

However, these videos blew up and made him a popular face in TikTok also leading to him getting the title of ‘Duck Daddy’. The dynamic place that social media is, he instantly rose to fame, especially post quarantine and then he started making videos featuring his family members with his mom and dad making constant appearances in his videos.

His skits got lots of views while some of the most popular ones were his skit with his duck and the famous ‘Jeffrey Dahmer’ series. He started working WME Talent agency in 2020.

Too Turnt Tony has collaborated with several popular brands with some of them being Blue Chew, Noca, Bumble, Celscius, Manscape, and more. His videos have also featured on several platforms like USA Today, Univision, and Business Insider. Owing to his popularity, he was also featured in the Forbes list of Top 50 Creators of 2023 adding to the recognition that he has received.

Besides this, Tony also has his own merch and he is the owner of one of the best-selling flavored malt beverages in the USA called ‘Too Turnt Tea’. While these were separate businesses earlier, he has now merged his too turnt tony merch and too turnt tea which he sells through his website ‘’.

As bold as it might sound, Too Turnt Tony also has an OnlyFans account giving some of his fans a closer access to him after paying a premium fee which further adds to both his popularity and net worth.

Personal Information

Anthony Dawson, aka Too Turnt Tony, was born on 1st Feb 1995 and he is 29 years old as of 2024. He was born and brought up in an American state Michigan and he is American by nationality. Tony belongs to the white ethnicity and is an Aquarius.

He is a quite tall man with a height of 6 ft 3 inches and has a well-maintained physique as he is speculated to weigh around 85 kgs or 187 pounds. Too Turnt Tony is an attractive man with beautiful blue eyes. He also has flowy dark brown hair complementing his tone which leaves many people wondering about how to get hair like Too Turnt Tony.

Too Turnt Tony has managed to garner a huge fan base as he is very active on his social media handles. His Instagram handle @tooturnttony has 2.5 M followers while his TikTok account @tooturnttony has a whooping 20.2 M followers.

Tony’s YouTube channel is called Too Turnt Tony with the same handle where he has 5.18 M subscribers. His X (previously Twitter) handle is @tooturnttony where he has 97.3 K followers. Find Too Turnt Tony on Facebook here along with his 1.1 M followers.


Too Turnt Tony was born to his parents Lisa and Gordon in Michigan. He has a brother Dominic Dawson and a sister Maria Dawson. While they have their own famous social handles, his sister Maria is also the handler of his business operations and PR and all brand deals.

Too Turnt Tony MotherWith his Mother

As far as Tony’s relationship status is concerned, he is considered to be single as of now. However, his supposed relationship with a fellow social media influencer Briana Armbrust who is popularly known as the ‘ski mask girl’ had made quite some headlines. The duo has apparently parted ways a few months back and his name hasn’t been linked with any other girl.

Net Worth

Too Turnt Tony is definitely one of the top creators with his huge fan following and great social media presence. Therefore, doubts about Too Turnt Tony’s net worth are sure to arise. According to a Forbes mention, Too Turnt Tony is believed to have a net worth of more than 2.9 million dollars as of 2024. All thanks to his net worth, he is often seen flaunting a lavish lifestyle with some expensive possessions like his Lamborghini Huracan.


  • In March 2023, Too Turnt Tony was attacked by one of the alligators in his backyard in his attempt to save his duck! He was injured and had to get some stitches on his knee.
  • Too Turnt Tony had posted a video on his socials hinting that he would be the bachelor in the 28th season of the popular show ‘The Bachelor’. However, things seem to have not worked out as the 28th season featured Joey Graziadei as the bachelor.
  • He loves surprising his family with gifts. He was also seen gifting his mom a red Corvette for her birthday.
  • Too Turnt Tony has also given some live performances for his fans. His fans did not disappoint him and showed up in huge numbers to make his show a success.
  • He posts fun videos on his socials where he throws a fishing net into water bodies, mainly his backyard. He then goes on to tattoo whatever he has managed to catch inside his net after leaving the creature back into the water.
  • He once made a Jeffrey Dahmer series to creep out his mother. In the videos, he was seen acting like Dahmer for a few days and the videos garnered lots of attention on YouTube as well as other platforms.
  • Too Turnt Tony took to his Instagram in 2023 to share how his life turned upside down since quarantine. In the video, he explains that he had been living in a NYC 8 by 8 shoebox apartment. What a turnaround, isn’t it?
  • Too Turnt Tony’s entire family is quite charming and fun-loving and they all seem to be social media stars while rocking their own handles. His dad is famous as @tooturntgordie on TikTok while Lisa is @tooturntmom. His siblings are also social media stars with Dawson being @toodirtydom and Maria being @toomuchmariaa.
  • Too Turnt Tony takes his duck everywhere and his fans love his duck. He has named her as ‘Baby Girl’ and the videos are very fun.

Too Turnt Tony DuckWith his duck ‘Baby Girl’


What does Too Turnt Tony do?

Too Turn Tony (Anthony Dawson) is a model as well as a social media influencer. Besides that, he creates interesting videos including comedy skits and social experiments for his YouTube channel. He is also a wildlife conservation advocate. He also earns a good amount by selling his merch and his Too Turnt Tea. Too Turnt Tony has a solid fan following across his socials.

How much is Too Turnt Tony worth?

As reported by Forbes in 2023, Too Turnt Tony has a net worth of more than 2.9 million dollars as of 2024. All of it comes from his social media presence, YouTube channels, his merch, and his popular beverage business.

Is Too Turnt Tony going to be the bachelor?

While Too Turnt Tony did post a video teasing that he was going to be the bachelor for the 28th season and 2024 edition of the popular American show ‘The Bachelor’, there has been no follow-up about it after the said video. It is safe to say that he did not appear as the bachelor on the show as the 28th season of ‘The Bachelor’ premiered in January 2024 and Joey Graziadei was seen as the bachelor. However, he might have opened up the possibility of featuring in any of the future seasons to his fans’ amusement.


Image Credit: @tooturnttony Instagram


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