Shammi Prasad Wiki 2024: Age, Net Worth, Family, Girlfriend, and Full Bio

Who is Shammi Prasad?

Shammi Prasad is a well-known face in social media content creation and a social media sensation of Gold Coast. He has been entertaining the audience with his elaborate pranks, behind-the-scenes vlogs, and social experiments and never fails to take his pranks up a notch with every new video.

All thanks to his humorous and, sometimes, controversial pranks, Shammi Prasad has managed to carve a niche for himself in the industry, thus garnering him lots of fans who love watching his videos with his crew.

Shammi Prasad

Quick Biography

Full Name: Shammi Prasad
Simply Shammi
Date of Birth:
1st February, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Brisbane, Australia
Social Media Content Creator
Ethnicity: White
Siblings: Jashan Prasad, Jayden Prasad
Place of Residence: Australia
Marital Status: Dating
Sarah Rae Yong

Early Life

Shammi Prasad was born on 1st February 1993 to parents of Indian descent in Brisbane, Australia. Although much detail about his early life or education is not available on any platform, from his vlogs and business ventures, it is clear that he has experienced many different things in life, which he is bringing out efficiently into his work.


Shammi Prasad’s career began with his first video posted on Facebook, titled ‘That Feeling the Day Before Pay Day.’ Since then, his progress from a tradie to the old Coast social media sensation has been impressive. His reach broadened as he shifted from Facebook to YouTube to post his videos.

Shammi Prasad is mainly known for his vlogs and his prank videos with his crew. Shammi Prasad’s crew is called ‘Shammi uncut’ and features members like Blake Melbourne, Austin Gosney, Dim Ilievski, Paulie Roberts, and others.

Shammi Prasad Crew

His first YouTube channel was called ‘Shammi,’ where he posted fun videos. He then created another channel called ‘Shammi Vlogs,’ which featured more content related to his personal and daily life.

Through his fun and sometimes criticized videos, he gathered a consistent audience. His video with the crew, like his ‘How to piss your mates off’ series, became pretty famous on YouTube, earning him lots of subscribers.

Shammi then announced the official website of ‘Shammi Uncut’ at ‘,’ where people would get exclusive access to more fun videos by Shammi and the crew. However, viewers need to sign up for the membership and pay a certain amount.

In January 2021, Shammi Prasad announced the opening of his bar called ‘Memory Lane’ in Gold Coast. However, the bar attracted many controversies and was temporarily shut down, per the official announcement. The bar hasn’t been reopened till date.

He then posted on his social media that he had purchased a massive house in July 2021 called ‘Memory Land,’ which he plans to build into an epic fun house. In April 2022, he launched his clothing brand, ‘ Makin Memories (MM),’ which features a wide range of clothing collections.

His business ventures didn’t stop here, as he and his brothers launched an online food business in Australia called ‘Forkneasy‘ in March 2023, which has been running well to date.

Shammi Prasad Brothers

Shammi Prasad has also been featured as a guest in podcasts like Podcast Jason by Jason Daniel in 2020 and in the Just Jashan podcast by his brother Jashan Prasad, which is available on Spotify.


He rose to fame with his pranks going viral many times. However, the audience had divided reactions to his sometimes elaborate pranks. His most famous pranks have gained attention because of the controversies surrounding them.

His infamous Melbourne Cup prank is one of those where he turned off the projector while the most famous horse race in Australia was being projected. He then raised his hands in victory, which agitated the crowd so much that he had to be pulled out with the help of security.

Another incident garnering slamming from the public was when he filmed a man jumping from a 50-storied hotel in Southport, Queensland. Although the man broke his fall using a parachute, it gained Shammi a significant amount of hate and bashing.

In the event of being criticized by viewers, Shammi Prasad was also recently slammed for dumping the belongings of his brother Jayden and his roommate into a skip bin. The public has harshly ridiculed such pranks of his.

However, some of his other videos have gained lots of fame, like the dangerous stunt in which he was being towed in a kayak tied to the back of a car.

Personal Information

Shammi Prasad was born on 1st February 1993 and is 31 years old as of 2024. His zodiac sign is Aquarius, and he is of Indian descent. However, he was born and brought up in Australia and is an Australian by nationality.

Shammi Prasad with dog

For those wondering how tall Shammi Prasad is, his height is 6 ft 1 inches, and he weighs around 70 kg. Fit by figure, Shammi Prasad has black eyes and black hair, and he is pretty good-looking with a dashing personality.

As his profession demands, he is super active on social media. Shammi Prasad’s Instagram handle is @shammi_ltd, where he has 2.7 M followers. He also has a private Instagram handle for @shammiuncut with 234 K followers.

He has more than 6.8 M followers and a TikTok account @shammiltd. His YouTube handle at @ShammiLTD features 419 videos to date and has 1.93 M subscribers. You can follow him on Facebook here, along with his 65 K plus followers.


Shammi Prasad lives with his mother and has two elder brothers and one younger. His older brother is Jashan Prasad, and his younger brother is Jayden Prasad.

Shammi likes to keep his relationships and his dating life personal. However, it is highly speculated that he has been dating Sarah Reay Yong for several years. Although he hasn’t posted any pictures with her on social media, viewers have spotted her in some of his videos and vlogs.

Net Worth

While much speculation has been made about Shammi Prasad’s net worth, no official numbers have emerged. However, given his vast fanbase, high number of followers on Instagram and TikTok, and his vast number of subscribers on YouTube, it is evident that he is making a lot from social media alone.

Besides this, his ventures like MM and Forkneasy, along with the subscription model of Shammi Uncut, might also be earning him good fortune. Therefore, his net worth is estimated to be beyond $13 Million.


  • As a part of his prank videos, Shammi Prasad once gift-wrapped the entire house of his elder brother Jashan Prasad, which went quite viral!
  • His website, Shammi Uncut, features exclusive videos, fun behind-the-scenes, and uncut podcasts.
  • He was a tradie living with his mother before he entered the world of content creation.
  • His social media handles are verified accounts with the blue tick badge.
  • He was taken in for inquiry and questioning for his infamous Melbourne Cup prank.

Shammi Prasad HouseImage Source: Jashan Prasad Instagram


Who are Shammi Prasad’s brothers?

Shammi Prasad has two brothers: Jashan Prasad and Jayden Prasad. Jashan Prasad is his elder brother, and Jayden is younger than him.

What does Shammi Prasad do for a living?

Shammi Prasad mainly makes YouTube and TikTok videos in which he is seen pulling several pranks on his entire crew. Besides this, he owns a clothing brand called ‘Makin Memories (MM)’ and an online food business called ‘Forkneasy’ with his brothers.

What nationality is Shammi Prasad?

Born and raised in Australia, Shammi Prasad is an Australian by nationality. He is of Indian descent, though, as his family hailed from India.

What happened to Memory Lane Shammi?

Memory Lane was a bar in Gold Coast established and owned by Shammi. However, after merely three months of operation in March 2021, the bar shut its doors. The reason announced by the official social media handle was that the place was ‘out of their control now.’

The reason might have been several controversies surrounding the place. Although the post said that it would reopen again, that never happened, and it still stays closed.


Image Credit: @shammi_ltd Instagram


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