Shammi Brothers: Age, Relationship, Networth, and Full Bio

Who are Shammi Brothers?

Shammi Prasad, and Jayden Prasad popularly known as Shammi Brothers are a brother duo popular for creating social media videos. Shammi Prasad is one of Australia’s popular comedians and social media influencers whose videos and skits have gone viral multiple times. 

Jayden Prasad, Shammi’s younger brother, on the other hand, appears in videos of Shammi quite often. Shammi and Jayden have been creating videos together on the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram as well as YouTube. Together, they create comedy, prank, behind-the-scenes, and challenge videos.  

Shammi Brothers

Credit: @shammi_ltd (Instagram)

Quick Biography

Real Name: Shammi Prasad, and Jayden Prasad

Date of Birth: Shammi Prasad – February 1, 1993, Jayden Prasad – February 5, 1997

Birth Place: Brisbane, Australia

Zodiac Sign: Shammi – Aquarius, Jayden – Aquarius

Profession: Social Media Content Creator, YouTuber

Nationality: Australian 

Early Life

Born on February 1, 1993, in Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, Australia, Shammi spent his early days in his hometown. Shammi has not publicly disclosed any information regarding his childhood days and education. However, from his videos, it seems that he has had an amazing upbringing. 

Jayden, Shammi’s younger brother was born in Brisbane, Australia too, on February 5, 1997, and was raised along with Shammi. He is around 4 years older than Shammi Prasad. While the education qualification and early days of Jayden are not public, it is known that he played quite good football during his high school days. 


Shammi Prasad is a well-known social media content creator. It was 2014 when Shammi first made a post on Facebook. His first video on Facebook was titled “That Feeling the Day Before Pay Day”. Since then Shammi has posted several videos on Facebook and Instagram. 

Shammi Brother Career

Credit: @shammi_ltd (Instagram)

Shammi then started a YouTube channel named “Shammi” where he mainly posted fun videos. Later he also created another YouTube channel “Shammi Vlogs” which is more focused on his lifestyle. Some of Shammi Prasad’s popular videos are “How to Piss Your Friends Off”, Melbourne Cup Prank, and The Parachuting Prank. 

Jayden Prasad, despite appearing in the videos of Shammi, is an Australian professional football player. He is a midfielder in the Australian National team and also plays for Hume City Football Club. Jayden started his professional football career in 2018 with Redlands United.

Both Shammi and Jayden are often seen appearing in the same videos where they do challenges as well as pranks along with other team members.  

Personal Information

So, how old are Shammi Brothers? Shammi Prasad is currently 31 years old. Talking about height, both of the Shammi brothers have decent height. Shammi Prasad stands at an above-average height of 6 feet and 1 inch. His body weight is around 70 kg. 

Similarly, Jayden is currently 27 years old. Jayden stands at a height of 5 feet and 10 inches while his body weight is also around 70 kg. Both Shammi and Jayden have slim bodies. 


When it comes to the relationship of the Shammi Brothers, they both seem to keep their personal life quite private. However, it is rumored that Shammi has been dating Sarah Rae Yong. Sarah is a popular Instagram Influencer and a supermodel. 

Jayden on the other hand is dating Kathleen Kostner. Jayden and Kathleen have been in a romantic relationship for over a half-decade now and they share an amazing bond.


Moving ahead let’s move into finding out the net worth of Shammi Brothers. Shammi Prasad’s net worth is expected to be around $13 Million. This comes from his income from social media platforms and YouTube through brand endorsements as well as sponsorships. Along with that, he also has investments in multiple ventures. 

Shammi Brother Net Worth

Credit: @shammi_ltd (Instagram)

Jayden’s net worth is estimated to range around $2 Million. This net worth comes from his income as a professional football player. 


  • Shammi and Jayeden also have another brother Jashan Prasad who is the eldest among the three. However, Jashan appears quite less in the videos. 
  • According to Mail Online, Shammi once faced backlash from his followers when he threw out Jayden’s belongings from their home in Queensland. 
  • Shammi Prasad once wrapped his brother Jashan’s entire house with gift wrapping paper and listed it for sale. 
  • Shammi Prasad was once nearly jailed when he jumped from a 50-storied hotel building for his video.
  • Shammi brothers share a beautiful Gold Coast mansion. In addition to them their friends, Austin Gosney & Blake Melbourne also reside there.


Credit: @Shammi Vlogs YouTube


Are Jashan and Shammi brothers?

Yes, Jashan and Shammi are brothers. Jashan is the eldest among the Shammi brothers while Jayden is the youngest one. 

How many brothers does Shammi have?

Shammi has two brothers, Jashan and Jayden. Jashan is older than Shammi while Jayden is younger and is 4 years younger than Shammi. 

What is the Shammi brother’s net worth?

Shammi and Jayden together have a net worth of around $15 million. Shammi has a net worth of around $13 million while Jayden has a net worth of 2 million. Shammi’s net worth comes from his earnings from social media platforms and ventures. Jayden’s net worth on the other hand comes from his career as a professional football player. 

Social Media 

If you are looking to follow Shammi Brothers then, you can find them on YouTube with the channel @ShammiLTD and @ShammiVlogs.

Also, Shammi Prasad is on Instagram with Instagram Handle @shammi_ltd with a massive 2.8 Million followers.

Jayden on the other hand is on Instagram with Instagram Handle @jaydenprasad_ with 276K followers. 

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