Mr Organik: Age, Girlfriend, Networth, and Full Bio

Who is Mr Organik?

Popularly known by the stage name Mr. Organik, Jarvis Rivers, aka Mr. Organik, is a well-known American YouTuber, rapper, and successful entrepreneur. Mr Organik has been gaining popularity over the internet for his social media content regarding his lavish lifestyle and auto vlogs. 

Besides being a YouTuber who loves showcasing his lifestyle, Mr. Organik is a talented rapper who has released several rap songs that his audiences love. In addition, he is also a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur who has launched several businesses to date.  

Mr Organik

Photo Credit: @Mr Organik (Instagram) 

Quick Biography

Real Name: Jarvis Rivers 

Date of Birth: September 29, 1981

Birth Place: San Diego, California, United States

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Profession: YouTuber, Rapper, Entrepreneur

Nationality: American

Family: Kimberly Riv (Mother)

Early Life

Born September 29, 1981, in San Diego, California, United States, Mr Organik did not have an easy childhood. He was raised by a single parent, his mother, Kimberly Riv, and his two siblings. 

Mr Organik spent his early days in his hometown and attended Hoover High School. Despite being born in San Diego, he has lived in cities such as Phoneix, Tula, and Minneapolis. However, rumors exist that he is a dropout and left high school without completing his studies. 

From high school, Mr Organik was quite passionate about basketball. Organik’s love and passion for playing basketball helped him become a professional player before becoming a rapper and YouTuber. 


Mr Organik’s rapper and YouTuber career started in 2012 when he first created his YouTube channel. However, it was in 2017 that he first uploaded a clip titled Micro DRACO ak47 Pistol Don’t Be Scared of a Big Black Guy with Big Gun. 

Mr Organik

Photo Credit: @Mr Organik (Instagram) 

One of Mr Organik’s albums, Me Season: Memories and Legacies, released in 2018, helped him gain immense popularity on YouTube. Road 2 The Riches, Gotta Believe, and All Praise are some of his other trendy songs. 

Besides songs, Mr Organik is also seen doing regular vlogs on his YouTube channel. Through his YouTube videos, he showcases his lavish lifestyle, which includes visiting several mansions and reviewing supercars. He’s also collaborated with other content creators, such as Tall Guy Car Reviews. 

Personal Information

Mr Organik’s age is currently 42 years old, and he will be turning 43 in September 2024. He celebrates his birthday on September 29 each year.

Looking at Mr Organik’s body, it seems he loves tattoos, as almost all of his body is covered. Mr Organik stands at a stunning height of six feet and one inch. Also, his body weight is around 109 kg. 


Mr Organik has made it public that his mother, Kimberly Riv, single-handedly raised him. She worked as a health technician at Banner Health in Phoenix. While Mr Organik has not disclosed any information regarding his father, there have been rumors that his father died because of AIDS. Mr Organik has two brothers, Brandon Saint Rivers and Lawrence Trend Blackledge.

Mr. Organik has not married yet and does not have any children. Some rumors suggest that he is dating Danielle Champion, a YouTuber. However, they have not made any public statements regarding their relationship.

Net Worth 

It’s been a few years since Mr Organik has been on the YouTube scene. So, Mr Organik’s net worth has been estimated to be around $1 Million. However, this net worth does not come only from YouTube earnings. 

Mr Organik Net Worth

Photo Credit: @Mr Organik (Instagram) 

He is said to have invested in cryptocurrencies and real estate. Additionally, Organik owns a clothing line business and sells luxury sweat suits, jackets, hoodies, shirts, and accessories. 


  • Mr Organik is not into alcohol or drugs. This is because his grandmother died because of excessive alcohol consumption, with whom he was pretty close. 
  • Organik has quite an exotic collection of supercars. His collection includes Rolls Royce and Ferrari. 
  • Mr. Organik has also published a book called “Organic Seeds of Greatness.” 
  • His noticeable muscular built physique shows that he is also a fitness enthusiast. 
  • His love for basketball remains the same today, and he also plays basketball in his spare time. 


Credit: @Mr Organik (YouTube) 


How Does Mr Organik Make Money?

It’s been a while since Mr Organik has been creating videos on YouTube. While his YouTube income, brand sponsorships, and endorsements are his sources of income, Mr Organik also has investments in cryptocurrencies and his clothing business. 

Who is Mr Organik’s girlfriend? 

Mr Organik is said to have been dating Danielle Champion, a YouTuber. They are quite often seen to be appearing in each other’s videos on their YouTube channels. However, they have not publicly disclosed any information regarding their relationship. 

What is Mr Organik’s Height? 

Mr Organik stands at a decent height of 6 feet and one inch. He has a noticeable muscular physique and weighs around 109 kg. Also, tattoos on his body show that he loves tattoos. 

Social Media 

Mr. Organik is quite active on the social media platform Instagram.

He is on Instagram with his Instagram handle @MrOrganik and has around 315K followers. 

He is also in X (formerly Twitter), with X handling @MrOrganik and having around 3.4K followers.

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