Mark Ibanez Wiki 2024: Age, Wife, Networth, and Full Bio

Who is Mark Ibanez?

Mark Ibanez is an unparalleled name in the industry of sports journalism and has managed to leave an indelible mark on the industry with his passion and commitment. The leading face of KTVU Channel 2 for almost 43 years, he is the sports director of the channel.

One of the most prominent faces of the Bay Area, Ibanez has had an illustrious career where he entertained and informed the people of two generations through the same platform. He is the face that people relied on for news of glorious victory as well as heartbreaking losses for a long time.

Mark Ibanez

Quick Biography

Full Name: Mark Ibanez
Alias: Mark
Birthday: 22nd July, 1956
Birthplace: Toronto, Canada
Profession: Retired Sports Journalist
Nationality: American
Spouse: Tina Ibanez
Children: 4- Coy, Rachel, Mark Jr., and Nicholas

Early Life

Mark was born on 22nd July 1956 in Toronto. Ibanez grew up in Marin County, and contradictory to his elaborate career in sports journalism, his family had nothing much to do with sports. The primary focus was education along with music.

Sports made an entry in his life at the age of 11 when he won a trip to go to a Giants game at Candlestick Park. This baseball game in 1967 turned the course of his life as the Giants vs. St. Louis Cardinals match left him with Willie Mays as his hero and his inspiration to enter the world of sports.

Mark Ibanez with Willie MaysMark with Willie Mays

Although his journey with the sporting world started as a center fielder with a dream of becoming a Major League baseball player, his plans later shifted to sports broadcasting. He attended San Rafael High School, Petaluma Senior High School, and Santa Rosa Junior College to finish schooling.

Finally, in 1978 Mark Ibanez completed his degree in journalism from the University of Idaho, setting the stage for his impeccable career in the industry of sports journalism.


The start of Mark’s career in the world of journalism was marked by his one-year stint at KXTV Channel 10 in Sacramento from 1978 to 1979. Mark joined KTVU back in 1979 when it was an independent broadcast entity that is now owned by Fox.

As Ibanez grew up in the Bay area, this job was like his dream job where he got to cover the sports teams he followed throughout his life. He achieved a historic feat by being the longest-tenured Bay Area sportscaster in history as he dedicated 43 years of his career to the channel before retiring in April 2022.

For Mark Ibanez, KTVU brought lots of accomplishments. He covered 9 Super Bowls, 8 World Series, 3 Golden State Warriors Championship Runs, and much more while working for Channel 2.

Throughout his elaborate career, Ibanez has won 6 Emmys along with witnessing several iconic sports moments. Acknowledging his remarkable work, he is also a reputed member of the Bay Area Broadcasters Silver Circle as well as the SAG AFTRA.

With featured interviews with Wille Mays, Barry Bonds, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Stephen Curry, and many more, Mark is a beloved face. Another feather to his hat was his 1994 best seller ‘Mark’s Remarks’. As of now, Mark is lending his iconic voice to several platforms as a voiceover artist with his masculine and characteristic voice and also works as an MC.

Mark Ibanez Stephen CurryInterviewing Stephen Curry

Personal Information

The height of Mark Ibanez is somewhere around 5 ft 11 inches and he might weigh approximately 68 kg. With his blonde hair and brown colored eyes, one of the characteristic features of Mark is his trademark 80’s style mustache.

Mark Ibanez Iconic MustacheMark Ibanez Trademark Mustache

A Cancerian, Ibanez is a 67-year-old American. He lives with his wife and his youngest son in Napa Valley. His personal favorite in the sport is any team that hails from the Bay Area as he is all about Northern California.


Coming to his family, Mark Ibanez is married to Tina Ibanez and has four kids- Coy, Rachel, Mark Jr., and Nicholas. Although he tends to keep his personal life private, the father of four is also a grandfather.

As stated on the Mark Ibanez website, the star is said to have three wives, with Tina being the current one. However, there is not much information available regarding his first wife or the second one.

Mark Ibanez WifeMark Ibanez With Wife Tina

One of Mark’s sons is autistic, and therefore as a father of a child with special needs, Ibanez has a strong alignment with the Child Mind Institute. His daughter Rachel is seen to be following in the footsteps of her father as she is also a part of the journalism world while his son Mark Jr. is a great dancer!

Net Worth

Although there is no verified data about his income, the star of sports journalism is estimated to have a net worth of beyond 3 million dollars with an annual income of over $1,15,000. These are just approximate numbers and the actual range might be much beyond that.

This is not a shocker as he has been the director of KTVU Sports and has worked there for 43 years. Along with that, he has also MC-ed many events along with lending his voice to many projects.

Mark with KTVU CrewIbanez with KTVU Crew

His book also made quite good numbers. Although some part of his earnings goes to special funds for his son, he still makes quite a good amount.


  • Ibanez almost missed out on his iconic career in the Bay area as he was about to sign his 5-year contract at the Sacramento Station. However, he was spotted by the then-KTVU director and hired for the Bay area over lunch.
  • It was his wife Tina who encouraged him to shave off his trademark mustache- which he had since the age of 13 as per his interview with Diablomag.
  • ‘That’s the Sporting Life’- the sign-off line used by Ibanez was inspired by Jan Hutchins’s closing line.
  • Ibanez was present at the last game of Michael Jordan in Oakland, and even group interviewed the star player post his retirement announcement.
  • He was around 20 feet away when Dwight Clark made ‘The Catch’ for the 49ers!



1. Did Mark Ibanez retire?

Yes, Mark Ibanez retired after a legendary 43-year stint with KTVU after delivering his last piece in April 2022.

2. Who is Mark Ibanez married to?

Mark Ibanez is married to Tina Ibanez.

3. How old is Mark Ibanez?

Ibanez is 67 years old as of 2024 and celebrates his birthday on 22nd July every year.




Image Credit: Mark Ibanez’s Website


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