Jess Hilarious Wiki 2024: Age, Son, Real Name, Net Worth, Family, Relationships, and Full Bio

Who is Jess Hilarious?

Jess Hilarious is an American stand-up comedian and actress. She is known for her unmatched wittiness and she rose to fame with her ‘Jess with the Mess’ segment of Instagram videos. She has appeared in several TV shows and movies as well as several comedy shows. Jessica Robin Moore, aka Jess Hilarious, is also known as the Roast Queen and flaunts a fun personality overall gaining her a huge fan following.

Jess Hilarious

Quick Biography

Real Name: Jessica Robin Moore
Jess Hilarious
Date of Birth:
13th Feb, 1992
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Stand-up Comedian, Actress, YouTuber, Blogger, TV Personality
Ethnicity: Black
Parents: Kevin Moore and Robin Moore
Place of Residence: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Early Life

Jess Hilarious was born to Kevin and Robin Moore on 13th Feb, 1992 in Baltimore, Maryland. She is one of the three siblings. Jess Hilarious has two sisters, one elder to her and one is her twin. While much information about her early schooling is not available, she went to a college preparatory high school in Dallastown, Pennsylvania. Her high school was dominated by the white population and she has mentioned that the experiences she gained her came in handy for her videos.


After passing out from high school, Jessica Moore started working as a receptionist for a PRP company. Alongside her role there, she started making some fun videos and posting them on Instagram. Her videos started getting viral all thanks to her new found wit and shortly after that she was discovered by Nick Cannon. Impressed by her wit, he named her the Roast Queen. Her ‘Jess with the Mess’ segment became quite popular where she shared several funny skits on her social media account. From there on, her career graph only went up.

She experienced a quick transition from social media to stage and television and she went on to share the stage with Martin Lawrence which was the beginning of her stand-up comedy career. Since then she was popularly known as Jess Hilarious for her unmatched wittiness. She became a famous TV personality by appearing on several channels including MTV, Fox, HBO, VH1, TMZ, BET, and more.

Wild n out Jess Hilarious

Jessica Moore made her TV debut in 2017 when she appeared in the 9th season of the hit improv comedy show Wild N’ Out on MTV alongside several other comedians. She had a successful participation in show therefore making way for her to feature in the future seasons of the show including season 10, 15, and 17. 2017 was quite a year for her as she went on to feature in other shows like BET Face Value as well as a comedy series on HBO called All Def Comedy Series. 2018 brought her more recognition as she made her way to feature on the FOX comedy show Rel in the role of Brittany. The same year she had a historical moment of being the first winner of the BET ‘Social Clapback Award’.

The acting career of Jess Hilarious flourished from here on and she went on to star in different TV shows and movies like 2 Minutes of Fame, The Varnell Hill Show, I Got the Hookup 2, Hip Hop Family Christmas, and more. She has also appeared in movies like Pretty Stoned and The Realtor further adding to her fame. Her stint on TV shows continued with notable additions like Fox Dish Nation, The Real, and Nick Cannon Talk. She also did some charity appearances like a special guest appearance on the Def Comedy Jam Healing Through Laughter show which was done as a fundraiser for Covid 19 relief.

As of 2024, she is successfully running her iHeartRadio podcast titled Carefully Reckless which was started in 2021 where she along with some guests record fun segments for the audiences. Besides this, she is also co-hosting the famous morning radio show ‘The Breakfast Club’.

Jess Hilarious also has her clothing and eyewear merchandise known as Dr. Who clothing and Messy Vision Eyewear respectively.

Personal Information

Jessica Robin Moore, aka Jess Hilarious, was born on 13th Feb 1992 in Baltimore, Maryland and her age is 32 as of 2024. Born and brought up in America, Jess is an American citizen belonging to the Black ethnicity as she was born to Kevin and Robin Moore. She is an Aquarius.

Jess Hilarious is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs approximately 50 kg. She has beautiful black eyes and long black hair perfectly complementing and completing her look. All thanks to her funny content and unmatched wittiness, she has managed to gather a huge fan following.

Jess Hilarious is very active on social media and has several accounts for different purposes. Her main Instagram handle is @jesshilarious_official with a whooping 5.5 M followers. You can find her podcast account at @carefullyrecklesspodcast. You can find her on X (previously Twitter) at @jess_hilarious where she has 54.2 K followers. She has more than 2.4 M followers on her facebook account that you can find here.

Jess Hilarious’s Tiktok account @jesshilarious_official has 394 K followers. She also has a YouTube account @jesshilariousofficial with 219 K subscribers.


Jess Hilarious’s parents are Kevin and Robin Moore and she has 2 siblings- one twin and one elder sister. Besides that, Jess Hilarious has an 11-year-old son named Ashton Amar James and she is also expecting a second child which she announced in January 2024.

As far as her dating life is concerned, Jess Hilarious is not married. She is currently dating Chris who is also the father of her second child that is on the way. Her first son Ashton is shared with Gerome, known as Rome. She has had a few relationships before out of which the popular ones include Kountry Wayne and her previous partner Chris who is not to be confused with her current partner also known as Chris.

Jess Hilarious BoyfriendJess Hilarious and Chris

Net Worth

Jess Hilarious has had quite a successful career already and she has just started. She has a long way to go. With her career as a comedian, actress, TV personality, and Youtuber, she has had a multifaceted growth. Besides that, her many merchandise have also earned her a good sum of money. Jess Hilarious’s net worth as of 2024 is speculated to be around 3 million dollars despite the lack of clarity on the official numbers.


  • Jess Hilarious is a single mother to her 11 year old son Ashton. However, she is coparenting him with the father- Gerome. They also run an Instagram handle talking about their coparenting journey which is called @coparentingtherapy.
  • She has two siblings one of which is a twin sister. While this information wasn’t much known, she revealed her twin sister during their 30th birthday party.
  • Jess Hilarious’s second pregnancy was announced during an episode of ‘The Breakfast Club’. Her partner Chris had called to wish her 32nd birthday and mentioned their ‘little bundle of joy’. After that, she went on air to confirm that she was expecting a second child.
  • Jess Hilarious is often heard sporting her catchphrase ‘Ayyah!’ which is heard a lot in her podcast and her other videos too.
  • Jess Hilarious often shares some small videos on her social media account with a series of pictures. What makes it interesting is the funny voiceover she adds to those videos displaying her quirkiness.

Jess Hilarious PregnancyJess Hilarious Baby Bump


Is Jess Hilarious married?

No, Jess Hilarious is not married. However, she has had a dating history with some people. She also has a son named Ashton who she is coparenting with her baby daddy Gerome (aka Rome). She runs a fun Instagram page about coparenting lessons as well. Besides this, in 2024 Jess Hilarious announced that she was pregnant again and she is welcoming her second child with the baby daddy Chris.

Jess Hilarious SonJess Hilarious Son

Who is Jess Hilarious dating?

As of 2024, Jess Hilarious is dating her baby daddy named Chris. She has gone on her Instagram to share adorable pictures with Chris and he has also been seen in many of the fun mini vlogs she makes for her Instagram. The two seem to be completely in love and she announced her pregnancy on an episode of ‘Breakfast Club’.

What happened to Jess Hilarious and Kountry Wayne?

Jess Hilarious had a brief relationship with fellow comedian Kountry Wayne which started in January 2019 but came to an untimely end in April 2019. While the relationship was made public, the end of it became public too making headlines for a few days. As per reports, Jess was under the impression that Wayne was divorced. However, his divorce was yet to come through legally. And four months into the relationship Jess found it out while other things indicating their incompatibility were going on in the background. Therefore, the couple parted ways and although some bitterness was there, everything seems to be settled and Jess has happily moved on in life.

Is Jess Hilarious a twin?

Yes! Jess Hilarious has a twin and this information came to light only when a video of her 30th birthday was posted on social media. People were quick to notice Jess Hilarious grooving to the beats with who seemed to be her twin sister.

How did Jess Hilarious become famous?

Jess Hilarious started off by posting some fun content and videos revolving around her experiences as a black person living in America. However, her segment ‘Jess the Mess’ was what caught the viewer’s eye and the audience found Jess quite funny and she rose to fame with the same segment of hers. Since then, Jess Hilarious’s career graph has been going only up and up.

What movies has Jess Hilarious been in?

Jess Hilarious has appeared in several movies and TV shows. Some of the more popular movies that Jess has acted in are Pretty Stoned (2023), The Realtor, and 2 Minutes of Fame (2020). Besides this, she has made appearances on different shows like Wild ‘N Out, Black Card Revoked, All Def Comedy, and the series Rel on Fox.


Image Credit: @jesshilarious_official Instagram


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