Danny Duncan Wiki 2024: Age, Height, Real Name, Net Worth, Family, Girlfriend, and Full Bio

Who is Danny Duncan?

Danny Duncan is a social media influencer and comedian based in Florida who is most popularly known for his pranks, stunts, and the vlogs that he uploads on his YouTube channel. He is a huge sensation on the internet and has a solid fanbase.

Danny Duncan

Quick Biography

Real Name: Gary Winthrope
Danny Duncan
Date of Birth:
27th July, 1992
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Eaglewood, Florida, United States
YouTuber, Comedian
Ethnicity: White
Parents: Sue Duncan (Mother)
Siblings: Matthew (Half-brother), Kathy (Sister)
Place of Residence: Florida, USA

Early Life

Gary Winthrope, popularly known as Danny Duncan, was born on 27th July 1992 in Eaglewood, Florida to his now-separated parents Mr. Duncan and Sue Duncan. He was brought up by his mother alongside two of his siblings. While much information about his education is not available, he is a graduate of Lemon Bay High School. He completed his education in 2010 and indulged in sports throughout and even after his schooling days.


Being raised by a single parent, Danny Duncan seems to have been quite motivated towards working hard. His first job was at his local Walgreens as an attendant. However, this job didn’t suit him well. Therefore, he quit and moved on to become a personal trainer for skaters. This worked out well in his favour as he also started his YouTube channel at the same time. Danny Duncan also worked as a trainer for a former skateboarder- Jason Lee.

Lee found him quite funny and advised him to build his YouTube base around his on-point sarcasm. This was the beginning of the ‘Danny Duncan’ who is now a social media star. He launched his YouTube channel in March, 2014 and he initially used to post videos with his other YouTuber friends like Chris Chann and Andrew Hales.

He was known as Duncan Strength before his vlogging channel garnered more attention. One of his videos that gained the public eye was his ‘Going Down Stairs on a Hoverboard’ video which he published in 2015. However, the video of his that blew up and made him viral was a video titled ‘Falling With 30,000 Pennies’. Following and giving in to the need of the hour, Duncan started posting similar videos across his channels which revolved mainly around pranks, stunts, comedic lifestyle videos, eating videos, and fun challenges.

Once he established a stable fanbase, he invested in other ventures too. One of his most remarkable businesses is the Danny Duncan Merch where he sells clothing and accessories on his website called ‘dannyduncan69.com’. His merch has gained lots of attention and interest as he features some catchy and cliché phrases on the merch, the most popular one being ‘Virginity Rocks’.

Besides this, Danny Duncan is the co-owner and Chief Creative Officer of a desert brand based in New York City known as ‘The 16 Handles’. He also partnered with Zumiez for his clothing brand. Danny Duncan co-founded a clothing brand called Ketnipz with Harry Hambley.

Danny Duncan also hosts a world tour titled ‘Virginity Rocks World Tour’ where he goes around the world and conducts lively sessions with comedies, pranks, and lots of laughter.


Danny Duncan is a fun loving person and the same fact might have landed him up in trouble quite a few times. There have been many controversies, some more serious than others, surrounding the YouTube star.

One of these controversies surrounded his merch where a student was sent home from school for wearing one of his ‘Virginity Rocks’ t-shirts. As a response to this, Duncan gave away hundreds of t-shirts across the state as he drove to the students and gave them to them before school. He also managed to stir up a controversy when he once decided to gift a giant penis-shaped mailbox to his mother as a joke.

Besides this, he has also been criticized for putting his and other crew member’s lives at risk for some of his videos. A major allegation that came his way was regarding grooming young girls which was thrown by a fellow YouTuber Keemstar. However, these allegations were deemed baseless by his fans.

Personal Information

Danny Duncan was born on 27th July 1992 and he is 31 years old as of 2024. An American belonging to white ethnicity, Duncan is a Leo born and brought up in Eaglewood, Florida.

For those wondering how tall is Danny Duncan, he stands at a height of 5 ft 10 inches and weighs around 60 kgs. He has flowy light brown colored hair and black eyes and is quite fit.

Danny Duncan has a huge fanbase which is evident by the numbers of his social following. He has 3.7 M followers on his main Instagram handle @dannyduncan69. He is very active on his social media. With the same handle @dannyduncan69, he has more than 6 million followers on his TikTok account.

His main YouTube channel is called Danny Duncan with @danny where he has around 500 videos and a whooping 7.54 million subscribers. His X (previously Twitter) handle is @DannyDuncan69 with around 190k followers. You can follow him on Facebook here along with his 65 K plus followers.


Danny Duncan was born to his mother Sue Duncan and his father who is usually referred to as Mr. Duncan. However, his parents parted ways when Danny was quite young. Danny has been since then living with his mother. Danny Duncan has two siblings: a younger sister Kathy and a half-brother Matthew.

Danny Duncan MotherWith his mother

As far as his dating life is concerned, as of 2024 Danny Duncan is assumed to be single. However, he has had quite a few relationships, the most popular one being with YouTuber Jaclyn Glenn. They dated for a few years but eventually parted ways in 2017.

Net Worth

After reading all this, you might be fazed by the question of how much is Danny Duncan worth. Although there isn’t an official number stating Danny Duncan’s net worth, speculations have been made based on his huge number of subscribers, Instagram followers, and business ventures.

Danny Duncan’s net worth is estimated to be more than 7 million dollars. Duncan is seen investing in several cars and bikes. Danny Duncan owns a BMW as well as a Tesla. Besides this, he also has a huge Los Angeles home and is living a bi-coastal lifestyle in Eaglewood and Los Angeles which is evident from his vlogs.

Danny Duncan TeslaDanny Duncan Tesla


  • Danny Duncan was into athletics and sports throughout his life. He was an avid distance runner while in school and he was so good at it that he even gained notoriety for his 5k and triathlon events.
  • He is very good at skating and has also trained professional skateboarders. His first ever video on YouTube was also a short video of him skateboarding.
  • Danny Duncan’s merch is distributed by the famous ‘Killer Merch’.
  • In 2017, Duncan surprised his sister by drowning her car and then gifting her a brand new car!
  • Danny Duncan also gifted his mom a new house and said that it was the goal of his life. He uploaded a vlog of it on his YouTube channel.
  • In a video posted on January 2024, Danny Duncan was seen to be heavily injured leaving many of his fans worried. Questions like ‘Is Danny Duncan alive?’ and ‘What happened to Danny Duncan?’ had been making it to Google. However, he wasn’t as badly hurt but he did dislocate his hip and was on a wheelchair for a while.

Danny Duncan InjuryDanny Duncan Injury


Why is Danny Duncan so famous?

Danny Duncan is famous because of his YouTube presence, as the social media star has managed to garner a huge audience because of his humorous content on YouTube and Tiktok. He has earned millions of subscribers due to his prank videos and stunts.

Who is Papa Jim to Danny Duncan?

Papa Jim made constant appearances on Danny Duncan’s YouTube channel while accompanying him in several videos starting from pranks to skinny dipping. They seemed very close and almost related. However, Papa Jim wasn’t related to Duncan. He was the grandfather of Duncan’s friend and assistant David Tomchinsky. Papa Jim passed away in May 2022.

Danny Duncan and Papa JimDanny Duncan and Papa Jim

Was Danny Duncan in the military?

No. YouTuber Danny Duncan was never in the military. However, he might be confused with other people named Danny Duncan who have served in the military.

How did Danny Duncan make his money?

Danny Duncan made his money by earning millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel due to his entertaining videos. Besides that, Danny also owns his clothing merch and is the co-owner and Chief Creative Officer of a desert brand based in New York City called ‘The 16 Handles’. He also conducts a ‘Virginity Rocks World Tour’ featuring stunts and jokes.

What did Danny Duncan do before YouTube?

Before YouTube, Danny Duncan worked as an attendant in Walgreens which didn’t last for long. After that, he also worked as a personal trainer for skaters where he also happened to train former skateboarder Jason Lee.

What is in the Danny Duncan mystery box?

The Danny Duncan Mystery Box is one of the famous products from Danny Duncan’s popular clothing merch called ‘Danny Duncan 69’. This mystery box contains a collection of exclusive and classic merchandise items from the website worth over 130 dollars.


Image Credit: @dannyduncan69 Instagram


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