Bob Menery Age 2024: Net Worth, Family, Girlfriend, Wiki, and Full Bio

Who is Bob Menery?

A recognized voice, rather a recognized voice in the sports world as well as the content creation niche, Bob Menery is popularly known as ‘The Man with the Golden Voice’ for his unique voice. He is a comedian, the host of infamous podcasts, and the overnight viral sensation of the spring of 2017.

Bob Menery

Quick Biography

Full Name: Bob Menery
The Man with the Golden Voice
Date of Birth:
10th June, 1987
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Social Media Influencer, Podcast Host, Comedian, Youtuber, Content Creator
Ethnicity: White
Parents: Mark Menery (Father), Patty Menery (Mother)
Siblings: Heather Leigh, Mark Menery
Place of Residence: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Marital Status: Single

Early Life

Bob Menery was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on 10th June 1987. Born to Mark Menery and Patty Menery, he is an American national. He has two elder siblings, all raised in a lower-middle-class neighborhood. His father was an insurance salesman, while his mother was a homemaker who would take care of the kids.

Bob Menery MotherWith his Mother

He did his primary schooling at St. Michael Catholic School in North Andover and then finished high school at North Andover High School. Following that, with big dreams, Bob enrolled at the New York Film Academy. However, he dropped out midway when things didn’t seem to go in the right direction.


A big name among social media influencers, Bob Menery, started very differently in his career. He moved to LA for better options, and his first-ever role was that of a caddy at the Wilshire Country Club. Being a high-end club, caddying for the clients there worked in Menery’s favor as he built several connections there, which helped him pave his way through the City of Angels.

He performed at several small comedy shows, but LA didn’t work well for him when his roommate shifted, and he had to live out of his car for months. Then, he moved back to Boston again. The turning point in his career came when he was called to be an extra in the YouTube video for Mike Constantino. At the after party for the same, his luck shone as he was performing a miniature set as usual, and David Justin, impressed by his voice, shot the video of it.

This video went viral, allowing Menery to experience the joy of being viral overnight. His video went viral on BroBible, and he then sold it to Storyful. He went on to be the voiceover person for Buffalo Bold Wings. He then started shooting and uploading prank videos, and sand sports commentary became his primary career, alongside being a comedian.

Bob Menery also was part of the Full Send Podcast and the NELK Boys, which he left in 2022, followed by a public outfall. As of 2024, he hosts his podcast called ‘Ripper Magoos’ and Zapped and is popularly known as ‘The Man with the Golden Voice.’ His arena football team is called the Zappers and is involved in NASCAR.

Personal Information

Bob Menery is 36 years old as of 2024 and was born on 10th June 1987 in Borton, Massachusetts. His zodiac sign is Gemini, and he belongs to the white ethnicity. He holds the citizenship of America.

For those wondering how tall Bob Menery is, his height is 5 ft 8 inches, and he has a decent weight of 72 kg. With a golden voice, Menery sports black colored hair and beautiful blue colored eyes.

Menery is quite active on social media and has a whopping 3.3 M followers on his Instagram handle at @bobmenery. He also has a significant following on TikTok, with 5.1 M plus followers at @bobmenery. Menery’s X (previously Twitter) handle is @BobMenery, but he is inactive here.

His YouTube channel is called @BobMenery and has 112 K subscribers.


Regarding Bob Menery’s family, his father and mother are Mark Menery and Patty Menery, respectively. He has an elder brother called Mark, and an elder sister called Heather Leigh.

Bob Menery SiblingsWith his Siblings

Regarding his love life, Bob Menery doesn’t have a wife but has been linked up with several females. However, he has never openly disclosed much about it except for his on-and-off relationship with Summer Sheekey. The two have had a rather ugly graph of constant breakups and getting back together, with both parties putting all the details online.

Bob Menery SummerImage Source: Glamour Buff
Bob and Summer

Besides this, Menery has been linked up with Katie Kearney, Genie Bouchard, and others. As of 2024, Bob Menery is speculated to be single.

Net Worth

Compiling all the money Bob Menery has earned from his numerous ventures, his net worth as of 2024 is speculated to be around or above 5 million dollars, which is enormous. This is an outcome of his dedication, always-working nature, and charts-topping podcasts like Zapped and Ripper Magoos. The money he earned working with the NELK boys also has a role to play in it.


  • As a child, Bob Menery was fascinated by the world of sports. He would turn down the TV during any match telecast and replace the original commentary with his hilarious take on the game along with his friends.
  • He knew he had something in his voice, so he went to the New York Film Academy.
  • During his days of living out of his car, Menery got involved in substance abuse, which he is thankful that he got out of. It was one of those days when he took crystal meth and had an episode that he decided to get back to his family in Boston.
  • Bob Menery was always working and trying out his sets at every party he attended.
  • He faced several run-ins with the nun at the catholic school, where he even faced a good share of time in detention!

Bob Menery Photo


What is Bob Menery famous for?

Bob Menery is famous for his podcast ‘Ripper Magoos’ and his infamous Buffalo Wild Wings commercial. He is also mainly known for his hilarious sports commentary.

What is Bob Menery doing now?

As of 2024, Bob Menery is hosting his podcast ‘Ripper Magoos’ where he talks to famous sports personalities and several others.

What happened with Bob Menery and Kyle Forgeard?

Kyle Forgeard is a member of the NELK boys and a YouTuber, and Bob Menery was his former collaborator and co-founder. However, the two had a nasty public outfall when Menery left the NELK boys and claimed they owed him money. Clarifying the same, Forgeard stated that they had already paid him. This dispute stretched quite a bit.

What happened to Bob Menery and Summer Sheekey?

Bob Menery and Summer Sheekey’s on-and-off relationship has been quite entertaining for the viewers as they have broken up and reconciled publicly many times. Bob has been seen posting about breaking up with the latter on his social media. However, they moderate again.

In March 2022, Bob announced on social media that he would marry Sheekey, but they broke up again. According to GlamourBuff, the two have broken up 17 times and mended their ways 16 times till May 2023.

However, rumors exist that Bob has been linked with other women like Katie Kearne and  Genie Bouchard. Amidst all this, it is unclear whether Bob and Summer are still a thing.


Image Credit: @bobmenery Instagram

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