Bi Phakathi Wiki 2024: Age, Family, Wife, Picture, Net Worth, and Full Bio

Who is Bi Phakathi?

Bi Phakathi is a filmmaker and philanthropist hailing from South Africa who is known for his acts of kindness. He is also known as the faceless hero of South Africa as he chooses to keep his identity personal and his face and his name remain a big mystery while he keeps helping others through his unique approach.

Bi Phakathi

Quick Biography

Real Name: Unknown
Bi Phakathi
Date of Birth:
8th December
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
South Africa
Filmmaker, Philanthropist
Ethnicity: Black
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Spouse: Unknown
Children: Unknown
Place of Residence: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Early Life

Bi Phakathi can also be considered a mystery man as not many details about his personal life are available to the public, even including his face. However, we have compiled certain details about his early life which might help you know him better. He was born in South Africa on 8th December and he was brought up in South Africa too.

Not many details about his educational background are available. However, it has been mentioned that he was into philanthropic work since his childhood after he saw his parents helping those in need. He had a very humble beginning in life.


Bi Phakathi started his career as a filmmaker but this is not what got him the massive recognition that he has now. When it comes to filmmaking, his most noted work is Umshana (2015). What he is truly known for is his philanthropic work that he began in the 2000s. He started his acts of kindness on a small level by donating food and clothes to the needy ones, but once he began doing it he realized that there were lots of people who needed any kind of help they could get.

That is when he started filming faceless videos where he would be helping people and he started uploading the said videos on his social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Over the period of time, his videos started gathering lots of attention and he started getting some donations.

In 2018, he established the Bi Phakathi Foundation so that he can help people on a larger scale. He has been running this foundation till date and continue doing the great work.

Besides being a philanthropist, he is also a motivational speaker and a life coach who helps other people find the best in themselves too. Amidst all these good deeds, he has somehow managed to keep his identity a mystery and remain faceless and nameless, just known as Bi Phakathi.

Personal Information

The life of Bi Phakathi beyond his philanthropist and humanitarian works is highly private and almost looks like a secret that he has maintained throughout these years. People don’t even know about his real name, let alone any details about his family or spouse or even his marital status. Bi Phakathi’s age is also a big mystery. However, he did manage to shed light on his birthday as he made a ‘Happy Birthday to me’ post on Instagram stating that his birthday is on 8th December, which makes him a Sagittarius. However, his birth year is still under question.

Bi Phakathi Face

What we do know is that Bi Phakathi was born on the 8th December of some year, we are guessing around the 1970s to 1980 in a South African city and he is an African national. He belongs to black ethnicity, and that’s all that we know. No details about his height, weight, eye color, or hair color are available anywhere.

The social media handles of this mystery man are the only thing that we have access to which prove his existence and high involvement in humanitarian works. You can find his Instagram handle at @biphakathi where he has 598 K followers. On his threads account at @biphakathi he has 45.8 K followers. His X (previously Twitter) account @biphakathi has 140 K followers. On his YouTube channel at @BIPhakathi, he has a whopping 1.55 M subscribers as this is the platform where he posts his kindness videos. His TikTok handle at @biphakathi1 has more than 2.9 M followers. Find his Facebook account with 9.3 M followers here!

Bi Phakathi YouTube


Like most of the details about the personal life of Bi Phakathi, his relationship status is also highly private. There is no information about whether he is married or not and even whether he has children. Details about Bi Phakathi’s wife and children are not available anywhere.

Net Worth

Like almost every other thing, Bi Phakathi’s net worth is also a private affair with no details on it. However, Phakathi has mentioned that he is not a rich guy, and whatever money he has he uses it in the Bi Phakathi Foundation and for helping people. In fact, he even made a social media post in 2023 stating that he was out of money and was facing certain financial struggles.


  • From Bi Phakathi’s Instagram handle, it seems like the man is a fan of good food and traveling as he has lots of posts having food pictures and just pictures of him being outdoors.
  • He also seems to be a fan of photography.
  • While Bi Phakathi has made some public appearances, he has always made sure that his face is not revealed and he has also blurred his face in all of his pictures.
  • Phakathi is a role model for many people in South Africa and he is also regarded as the Santa of South Africa.
  • He has gained several recognition like the order of Ikhamanga in Silver by the President of South Africa (2019), and the honorary salt award that he received in 2022 at the Crown Gospel Music Awards.
  • He believes that a true hero is someone who does all good things without wanting to take credit, and hence he remains faceless as per a statement made by Bi Phakathi in one of his rare interviews. He also mentions that he is a messenger of good news and not a celebrity.

Bi Phakathi Picture


What does Bi Phakathi do?

Bi Phakathi is a filmmaker who is known best for his philanthropic work where he helps people all over South Africa with his acts of kindness. Besides that, he is also a motivational speaker and a life coach.

Where is the Bi Phakathi Foundation?

The Bi Phakathi Foundation is located in Cape Town South Africa as per their official website. It was established in 2018 and has been doing helpful work to date.

Where does Bi Phakathi get his money?

As Bi Phakathi helps so many people constantly, questions surrounding his net worth like this are quite common on the internet. However, he doesn’t seem to have a whopping net worth unlike many other ‘celebrities’ and he also stated in 2023 that he was broke and was facing financial struggles. Regardless, considering his role as a filmmaker, he is speculated to have some shares in a filmmaking company. Besides that, his social media handles have a huge following with many people interacting with his posts. His TikTok handle and YouTube account have followers in millions which might be coming to rescue in case of any financial crisis that he might be facing.

How do I get in touch with Bi Phakathi?

The website of Bi Phakathi Foundation mentions certain contact details and addresses that you can make use of to get in touch with the Bi Phakathi Foundation or Bi Phakathi. Use the details below:

  1. Address. Cape Town, South Africa.
  2. Email. ;

You can also try hitting them up on their social media handle or Bi Phakathis’ personal social media accounts.


Image Credit: @biphakathi Instagram


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