Alissa Salls Wiki 2024: Age, Music, Wedding, Net Worth, and Full Bio

Who is Alissa Salls?

Alissa Salls, popularly known as Alissic, is a former Brazilian model and a musician currently who has released lots of songs with fun music videos and also co-directed some of them.

Her work and her music are considered otherworldly by many, and she seems like a refreshing addition to the field of music. While she made it to the headlines after her marriage with Oliver Sykes, Alissa Salls has achieved much more professionally.

Alissa Salls

Quick Biography

Real Name: Victoria Alissa Salls
Alissic, Toriel, Alissa Salls
Date of Birth:
3rd November, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Sao Bento Do Saupcai, Sao Paula, Brazil
Ex Model, Singer
Ethnicity: Brazilian and South American
Parents: Luiz Antonio Da Silva (Father), Rosy Salls (Mother)
Spouse: Oliver Sykes (m 2017)
Children: None
Place of Residence: Brazil / United Kingdom

Early Life

Alissa Salls was born on 3rd November 1997 in a small Brazilian town called Sao Bento Da Saupcai in Sao Paula. She was raised in Brazil by her parents and her sister.

Alissa Salls did her schooling in Brazil, and while not much information is available regarding her alma mater, she is believed to be a high school graduate.

Alissa Salls ParentsAlissa Salls Parents

Alissa Salls was interested in music ever since her childhood days, and she played recorder at the age of seven, after which she proceeded to play xylophone. She also made an early entry into the world of glamour and showbiz as she was scouted by a modeling agency at the age of 13, which even led her to leave school. She, however, lost interest in modeling later on.


Alissa Salls began modeling at an early age when she was picked by a modeling agency, for which she even left her school. She stood out in the industry for her unique style, fresh looks, beautiful eyes, and being good at her job.

She has worked with several people, agencies, and companies. She is best known for her work with Ford Models Brazil and has been featured in several magazines.

During her professional phase as a model, she also worked for the Bring Me The Horizon star Oliver Sykes’ clothing line ‘Drop Dead Clothing.’

While modeling for the brand, the two fell in love, and it is safe to say that her modeling career also got her the love of her life. However, Salls left the fashion industry and entered the world of music.

Alissa Salls Art

She believed that the music industry gave her a lot of scope to create, unlike the fashion industry. She has since then sung lots of songs along with featuring in music videos and creating them. She has also co-directed some of her music videos alongside her husband.

Some popular songs by Alissa Salls include Piano, Superstitious, Like, Bugfood, and Everybody’s Dead Inside. Her songs and videos are considered different and a refreshing addition to the industry.

Her music has also been quoted as otherworldly on many platforms. You can find Alissa Salls’ discography here.

Besides this, she also runs a clothing brand called Lobo Bobo that features a rather different range of clothing items matching more to Alissa Salls’ style.

Personal Information

Alissa Salls was born to her parents, Luiz Antonio Da Silva and Rosy Salls, on 3rd November 1997 in a small place called Sao Bento Da Saupcai in Sao Paula, Brazil. She has a sister called Elle Salls, born and raised in Brazil. She is a Brazilian national, and her ethnicity is considered South American.

As of 2024, Alissa Salls is 26 years old and a Scorpio. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall, and according to Salls’s Tumblr profile, she weighs around 50 to 55 kg. She has beautiful blue colored eyes and short black hair. She has a unique personality, which is portrayed through her social media accounts.

Alissa Salls FamilyImage Source: @rosalysalles
With Family

Alissa Salls is fairly active on her social media handles, which is good news for people wanting to follow her and stay up-to-date about her personal life. Her Instagram handle is @alissic, and she has 409k followers. Her TikTok handle is @alissicofficial, and she has 292 K followers. She has 15 K followers on her X handle (previously Twitter) @alissicofficial, and her Facebook account ‘Alissic’ has 23 k followers. Her YouTube channel @alissic has 33.4 K subscribers and 44 videos as of now.


Alissa Salls married the British singer and songwriter Oliver Sykes, best known for the British rock band Bring Me The Horizon, in 2017. The two dated for a while before getting married. Besides the wedding of Alissa Salls and Oliver Sykes, there have been no linkups between Salls and anyone else, and she does not have a public dating history.

Alissa Salls and Oliver SykesImage Source: @olobersykes
Alissa Salls and Oliver Sykes

Net Worth

Although there are no official numbers regarding Alissa Salls’s net worth, it is speculated to be around 1.5 to 2 million USD. All of this is a compilation of her stint as a model and her newfound passion for singing. she also runs a clothing brand called Lobo Bobo, which also contributes to her net worth.


  • There are several mysteries associated with Alissa Salls. One of them is that Salls was born nine months after her parents saw a UFO. Funny. Other mysteries include that she has two sharp fangs from the bite of a vampire. Haha. Who knows what is to be believed and what is not?
  • She also claims that she was the guardian of wildlife in her area as a kid and used to protect frogs from salt attacks.
  • As a musician, she said in an interview that listening to artists like Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, Bjork, Kate Bush, PJ Harvey, and Joanna Newson highly influenced her musical interests and inspired her to enter the music industry.
  • Alissa Salls seems to be a very artistic person, which is reflected in the music videos of her songs and in her clothing brand.
  • From her social media posts, it is evident that Salls loves traveling, and she keeps posting pictures and videos from different locations worldwide.
  • She also seems to be a pet lover, as we have come across quite a few pictures of her with dogs, and they are very cute!
  • It is said that Alissa Salls could play the recorder with her nose at the age of seven.
  • She enjoys drawing, too, which helps her visualize her music videos.
  • One of her songs ‘Piano’ made it to the mark of 6,00,000 views within just a span of six months and became a big hit.
  • It is noticeable that her style is highly inspired by the lifestyle of the 1990s, which makes it stand out.



Where is Alissa Salls from?

Alissa Salls was born in a small town called Sao Bento Do Saupcai which is located in Sao Paula in Brazil. She is a Brazilian citizen with a South American ethnic foundation.

How did Oliver Sykes and Alissa Salls meet?

Oliver Sykes and Alissa Salls met while Salls was still a model and working for Sykes’s clothing line, Drop Dead Clothing Line. Oliver Sykes has a bad past relationship, and reports suggest that he was cheated on, after which he divorced his then-wife. Oliver Sykes and Alissa Salls dated for a while before they married in 2017.

What is Alissic?

Alissic is the stage name (pseudonym) and a music brand formed by Alissa Salls. Salls is known as Alissic in the music world, and she has released quite a few unique musical pieces like Piano, Superstitious, Like, Bugfood, Everybody’s Dead Inside, and more.



Image Credit: @alissic Instagram

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